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About us

Since 1970 the Stroud & District Historical Society has been collecting, protecting, and conserving artefacts and materials relating to heritage, community memory and the historical development of the Stroud region.  


The society is preserving the rich history of Stroud for current research and for future generations. We aim to provide access to the collection for researchers and members of the public for research and study, as well as an educational experience for visitors.


We believe that sharing the history of the Stroud and areas helps create a sense of place and preserve the region’s history for future generations.


Although our resources are limited, we have a strong desire to increase community access to the collection material and facilities of the society.  


Our strategic plan outlines our priorities for establishing and nurturing solid foundations for the society’s future. 

Our vision is to be acknowledged as an inclusive, respectful, and motivated community-based historical society, recognised as a leader in preserving, presenting, and sharing our local heritage values.

Our mission is to collect, document and preserve artefacts that relate to the history of the Australian Agricultural Company and the local residents.

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase access to our collections - 

  • Improve storage, preservation and collection security

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